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Stories from five older LGBTQI+ people about turbulence and the transformative power of human connection

To view each film, click on the "Watch here" links beside each story below.

Five older LGBTIQ+ people were mentored to make art representing their experiences of turbulence (disruption/hardship), ageing and human connection. Their stories document living with dementia, being a carer, ageing with HIV, the death of a beloved partner, organ transplant, coming out late, transitioning late and living in an ageist world.

Older LGBTIQ+ were also paired with younger LGBTIQ+ artists, who added their reflections on the power of human connection. The pairs developed messages encouraging LGBTIQ+ community to reach out to older community members.

Turbulence offers uncommon glimpses into the lives of older LGBTIQ+ people - we seldom focus on the challenges of ageing. While the experiences and needs of older LGBTIQ+ people are increasingly being recognised, the focus is often limited to their experiences of closeting and discrimination in aged care. Turbulence invites us to see ageing, ageism, marginalisation and connection.

Turbulence documents the hardship – but mostly it celebrates lives transformed by community. These are stories about belonging, feeling safe and being Proud. These are stories that remind us what community is – and how it matters.

Turbulence Launch - Sat 21 Jan 7pm

The Turbulence films were launched on Saturday 21 January - five beautiful short films about turbulence, life, love and the transformative power of intergenerational connection. You can now watch them by clicking on the links below: 

  • Story 1: Watch here - being able to marry the love of your life after 45 years and then meeting a younger lesbian campaigner for marriage equality
  • Story 2: Watch here - surviving 180 days of isolation thanks to the food, medical supplies and emotional support of a younger neighbour
  • Story 3: Watch here - being a survivor of HIV AIDS from the 1980s and writing with a younger Queer person to create a virtual community of support for people living positive
  • Story 4: Watch here - standing your ground as a respected teacher when someone suggests you should not have contact with children
  • Story 5: Watch here - transitioning late in a small country town and working with a younger gay man to explore sense of self



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