The Reclamation of Terra

Image: by Teague Leigh

A mixed media call-to-arms by Teague Leigh

"What good is fighting for global equality if there is no habitable planet on which to live these social gains?"

In this exciting multimedia exhibition, queer disabled trans man, Teague Leigh, asks the LGBTQIA+SB community and our allies to rally together to reverse global warming and the current destruction of the planet.

Since the early 20th Century, the trans identity has been forming into what we see now as the modern trans rights movement. However, whilst my trans siblings celebrate each hard-won advancement, another war is being fought to keep the planet, our home, from being destroyed. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated in a 2022 climate change report that “there is nothing natural about extreme weather conditions”.

Through social championing, the rainbow community has historically proven that together it has the power to enact great change. Right now, there is no greater change required than saving the Earth.

Nature has always been a great source of calmness for Teague and being diagnosed with autism in adulthood, it makes total sense that being in a void of constant assault is healing. For many, getting away or simply sitting in green spaces is a rejuvenating tonic. Teague is invested in saving these dwindling pockets of nature as they help him live his life as a functioning member of society. What shall become of us if nature is stripped away? How shall we regain equilibrium and contribute to society?

Don't miss the opening night extravaganza - with more rainbow fun than you can throw at a canvas! Free finger food and drinks provided.


Image 1: by Bakri Mahmoud, @bakri2
Image 2: by Teague Leigh
Image 3: by Teague Leigh
Image 4: by Bhavin Mettanant

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This work is supported by Treasury Wine Estates 'Show Ready Fund'


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Auslan Interpreted
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English No Barrier
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Relaxed Performance
Vision Rating 75%

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OPENING Thu 25 Jan 6-8:30pm
EXHIBITION 26 Jan-5 Feb | Mon-Fri 10am-4pm | Sat, Sun 11am-4pm
AUSLAN Thu 25 Jan 6pm
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FREE Free event, no booking required


VAS Gallery

430 Albert St, East Melbourne

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